Attention! Changes in the packaging of Activegel

The manufacturer of the medical product Activegel has made changes to the primary packaging and individual box. This work was done in order to prevent counterfeiting and counterfeiting of the product.
Expanded instructions for the appointment and use of the drug for specialists and individual users.
We strongly recommend making purchases on our website, we guarantee the quality of the product and its authenticity.

Beware of counterfeiting Activegel

The manufacturer of Activegel products warns buyers about the appearance of low-quality counterfeit products that have appeared on the market. These counterfeit products do not meet safety and quality standards.
Using counterfeit products can harm your health. To avoid unpleasant consequences, always use a branded product in its original packaging.
Buy Activegel only from authorized product representatives


Once-known injection gel of “Aquafilling” brand with serious criticism of its quality, numerous complications caused with negligent attitude of doctors to the patients and the injection methods, has been prohibited since 2017, is not manufactured in the Czech Republic and prohibited for use in Europe. Currently, “Aquafilling” gel, which exists in the fillers market, is manufactured in China. The product has doubtful documents and can hardly claim for improved quality. Please note that Aquafilling neither dissolves nor is excreted with urine as it was (or probably is still) declared by its manufacturers. With its unstable formula, it can just disintegrate in a human body.

Thus, Aquafilling seriously discredits the reputation of other manufacturers and the efficiency and safety of similar injection gels.

We kindly request the patients who value their health and the doctors who value their reputation not to be allured with a cheap (or expensive) price of the product or service and not to put their health or their medical practice at risk.


Popularity of Activegel Use Globally.

More and more practicing experts and medical companies select this preparation for their work.

Due to its unique properties it is widely used in plastic surgery in Asian states such as Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and South Korea. It is popular in North and South America, in particular, in US, Canada, Brasilia and Argentine. Particularity of this preparation is the absence of components of animal origin and GMO.

This product is featured by high demand in the states of Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The experts of these states have the skills to use this preparation for correction of defects of the body.

Activegel remains permanently interesting for experts in Turkey, such states as India and China are also interested in its purchase and use.

Many European states also contribute to the wide circle of customers of this product, confirming once more the high quality and compliance with European standards in quality and safety. Such active interest to the material is explained by compatibility with human tissues, special structure in gel form which corresponds to the body and does not conflict with it.

It is a revolution in area of plastic surgery and contour plastic.


Activegel Use and Application

It is a high-quality preparation for cosmetic interventions correcting the different defects of human body by injections in the soft tissues.
It complies with the requirements of standards, eg. ISO 10993, DSTU.

This preparation may be called multi-purpose due to the very wide range of its use in different areas of medicine.
They are primary the plastic surgery, rehabilitation and aesthetic surgery.

It may be breast increase or restoration of natural shape after childbirth and breastfeeding. It is widely used for correction of shape of the hips, shins and buttocks.
After administration this filler gives the long-term effect without any harm to human health.

Another area of use is facial plastic, this area is featured by high demand at the present moment. It helps to support attractiveness of the face and good-looking despite the many years of life, it removes wrinkles and helps to make other corrections.

Cosmetology is not the only area of gel use – it is also helpful in other areas of medicine, such as

  • Prolongation of period of effect of drugs and preparations;
  • Creation of tissue and cartilage implants;
  • Development of anti-burn films;
  • Creation of conditions for storage of enzymes in unstable environment.

It is a new, high-quality product manufactured according to the state-of-art technologies.


Activegel Uniqueness

This preparation Activegel demonstrates its unique tissue regenerative capacities; in addition, the human body does not experience any side effects or harmful influence.

It is achieved primary due to the production method based on innovations and advanced bio-technologies. High degree of purity of the compounds also contributes to that.

It is achieved by use of hypoallergenic preparations.

The product content is based on its main component, sodium chloride, saline solution which may be safely used in case of interventions in different areas of the human body. Another component it a synthetized compound ensuring homogeneity of distribution of preparation after administration, it forms gel matrix of the content.

This component easily interacts with human body tissues.

Preparation and its components are created in special septic conditions excluding presence of any harmful impurities or bacteria.
Presence of slightly acid environment also prevents development of harmful microorganisms.

Final product is processed in autoclave under high pressure.

All trials demonstrate compliance with the highest standards of hygiene. It is confirmed by certificates issued for this preparation.

Our experts are ready to help you with advice when purchasing this product; they will make your body healthy and beautiful.

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