Activegel Uniqueness

This preparation Activegel demonstrates its unique tissue regenerative capacities; in addition, the human body does not experience any side effects or harmful influence.

It is achieved primary due to the production method based on innovations and advanced bio-technologies. High degree of purity of the compounds also contributes to that.

It is achieved by use of hypoallergenic preparations.

The product content is based on its main component, sodium chloride, saline solution which may be safely used in case of interventions in different areas of the human body. Another component it a synthetized compound ensuring homogeneity of distribution of preparation after administration, it forms gel matrix of the content.

This component easily interacts with human body tissues.

Preparation and its components are created in special septic conditions excluding presence of any harmful impurities or bacteria.
Presence of slightly acid environment also prevents development of harmful microorganisms.

Final product is processed in autoclave under high pressure.

All trials demonstrate compliance with the highest standards of hygiene. It is confirmed by certificates issued for this preparation.

Our experts are ready to help you with advice when purchasing this product; they will make your body healthy and beautiful.

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