Activegel Use and Application

It is a high-quality preparation for cosmetic interventions correcting the different defects of human body by injections in the soft tissues.
It complies with the requirements of standards, eg. ISO 10993, DSTU.

This preparation may be called multi-purpose due to the very wide range of its use in different areas of medicine.
They are primary the plastic surgery, rehabilitation and aesthetic surgery.

It may be breast increase or restoration of natural shape after childbirth and breastfeeding. It is widely used for correction of shape of the hips, shins and buttocks.
After administration this filler gives the long-term effect without any harm to human health.

Another area of use is facial plastic, this area is featured by high demand at the present moment. It helps to support attractiveness of the face and good-looking despite the many years of life, it removes wrinkles and helps to make other corrections.

Cosmetology is not the only area of gel use – it is also helpful in other areas of medicine, such as

  • Prolongation of period of effect of drugs and preparations;
  • Creation of tissue and cartilage implants;
  • Development of anti-burn films;
  • Creation of conditions for storage of enzymes in unstable environment.

It is a new, high-quality product manufactured according to the state-of-art technologies.

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