Popularity of Activegel Use Globally.

More and more practicing experts and medical companies select this preparation for their work.

Due to its unique properties it is widely used in plastic surgery in Asian states such as Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and South Korea. It is popular in North and South America, in particular, in US, Canada, Brasilia and Argentine. Particularity of this preparation is the absence of components of animal origin and GMO.

This product is featured by high demand in the states of Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The experts of these states have the skills to use this preparation for correction of defects of the body.

Activegel remains permanently interesting for experts in Turkey, such states as India and China are also interested in its purchase and use.

Many European states also contribute to the wide circle of customers of this product, confirming once more the high quality and compliance with European standards in quality and safety. Such active interest to the material is explained by compatibility with human tissues, special structure in gel form which corresponds to the body and does not conflict with it.

It is a revolution in area of plastic surgery and contour plastic.

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